Chicago Park District Parking - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I allowed to park in the lots, and is payment required?
Payment is required in the parking lots seven days a week, year-round during the hours the lot is open. Parking in NOT permitted in the lots after closing in the evening.
What is a Pay & Display meter?
They are automated parking meters that replace the traditional single-space parking meters. These automated meters service multiple parking spaces. All customers pay the meter and display the payment receipt on their vehicle’s dashboard.
How do I use the meter?
The meters are very user-friendly. Just look for the instructions located below the face of each meter.
  1. Press any key.
  2. Input desired hours.
  3. Make payment. Bills, coins, or credit card. Exact change required
  4. Take receipt.
  5. Receipt Placement. Face up on Driver’s side dashboard. For motorcycles, display ticket on any surface visible to an enforcement officer.
What method of payment can I use at the meter?
For your convenience, all pay and display meters accept coins, bills, debit and Amex, Mastercard, Visa & Discover. However, the machines do not give change. Chicago Park District currently offers Pay by Phone at all the metered locations. This service is not available at the gated lots which include North Avenue Beach, Belmont North, Belmont South, and the Conservatory. For more information on how to Pay by Phone at Chicago Park District parking lots click here. Please note the ParkMobile Pay by Phone service is the only system that works for the Chicago Park District lakefront lots. No other phone payment app will work at these locations including ParkChicago used for City street parking.
What if I paid for more time than I need?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds for time purchased.
Will I get a ticket while paying the meter?
No, all of the meters are within view of the parking areas, and the enforcement officers know to look for you prior to issuing a ticket.
I was issued a parking ticket while parked at a meter. Who do I contact?
Please follow the directions located on the back of the ticket. If you feel the ticket was issued in error, information about the meter history will be available to a hearing officer during the hearing.
What if I have a motorcycle?
Motorcycle riders are also required to pay the meter and display the receipt on the console under the windshield or in the seat strap, if applicable. It must be visibly displayed yet secure enough to not blow away. Other cities have not had a theft problem, however, if you are ticketed, and you paid with a credit card, we can verify the transaction which will allow for the ticket to be voided.
I’m disabled. Do I need to pay for parking?
Meter-Exempt Permanent Placards  issued to persons with permanent disabilities will EXEMPT  the authorized holder from parking meter fees. Click here for additional information.