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Parking fees help fund neighborhood parks and programs.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park is one of the most culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods located on the far north side of Chicago. The 1930’s ushered in the migration of the German, English, Irish and Jewish families as Chicagoan’s began to move to the north suburbs. With the devastation in Europe following World War II, many additional immigrants found their way to Chicago and the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Rogers Park is home to Loyola University and features a community that speaks more than 80 languages and are of varying races, ethnicities, incomes, ages, and religions. With its diverse population and scenic waterfronts, Rogers Park has attracted many artists, musicians, and actors to the neighborhood.

Possibly as diverse as its residences and perhaps one of the neighborhood’s greatest assets is the series of small street-end beaches nestled along Lake Michigan’s edges. The ten beaches Juneway Terrace Beach, Rogers Beach, Howard Beach, Jarvis Beach/Fargo Beach, Loyola/Leone Beach, Pratt Beach, North Shore Beach, Hartigan Beach, Columbia Beach, and Hamilton Beach provide recreational activities like tennis, basketball and family fun for all ages.

Monthly Parking

The Chicago Park District has arranged to make monthly parking easier and more convenient. A pre-paid “print at home” E-Permit pass is available for the Lunt & Sheridan Lot.